We make sure that your GrainPowderSandCerealFlourSugarGranulate
keeps moving

Everything in flow. Thanks to unique technology with a wide range of applications, your bulk solids process is optimally supported with ultrasound.

Ultrasound increases overall plant efficiency and maximizes production output

Whether sieving, discharging, conveying, or dosing. Ultrasonic excitation by Artech Systems minimizes the static and dynamic friction forces.

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The perfect complement to your existingnew

Our patented technology gives you the greatest possible flexibility. Regardless of the geometry, new as well as existing systems can be supported with ultrasound.

Efficient sieving, discharging, conveying and dosing made easy.

The user-friendly solutions get the bulk material moving. Without having to match the geometry to be excited to the frequency of the ultrasonic generator.

Avoiding problems during screening and discharging

While during sieving the sieve mesh remains clear for longer and the separation efficiency is increased, when discharging from silos, among others, classic problems such as bridging and ratholing are prevented thanks to ultrasound.

Reduction of ongoing operating costs

Because ultrasound keeps the product flowing and ensures a continuous process, expensive product downtime can be avoided. In addition, ultrasonic components contribute to significantly lower energy costs compared to pneumatic and mechanical flow aids.

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Our technology helps companies across industries

Thanks to flexibly applicable technology, our solutions can be found in various industries.

The right products for your application

May we help you in finding a solution?

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