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Managing Director Semir Bajric

District Court: Romanshorn
Commercial Register No: Kanton Thurgau Nr. CH-440.3.000.084-1
VAT: CHE-102.588.912



Contents of the website

Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG always takes care to keep its website services up to date, correct as to content and complete. However, the occurrence of errors cannot be fully excluded. Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG accepts no liability for the correctness of content or the completeness of the information provided on its website nor for whether it is up to date unless the errors were made deliberately or by gross negligence. This also relates to any harm of a material or intangible nature to third parties that has been caused by the use of this website.

Data protection

In so far as there is the option within the internet services to input personal data (email addresses, names, addresses), this is done voluntarily. Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG expressly states that it does not pass these data on to third parties.


The layout of the website, the graphics and images used, the whole and the individual articles are protected by copyright. Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG reserves all rights including that of photomechanical reproduction, copying and distribution by means of special processes (for example data processing, data storage media and data networks), even in part.

Validity in law

This exclusion of liability is a part of the internet services offered by Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG. In so far as individual formulations or parts of this text no longer comply entirely or in part with the applicable legal situation, in particular the Teledienstegesetz (Teleservices Act), the remaining parts of this declaration are unaffected by this.

External references and links

With its decision of 12th May 1998, Hamburg District Court ruled that by providing a link one was potentially jointly responsible for the content of the linked site. According to the District Court, this can only be excluded by expressly distancing oneself from this content, which we hereby do:

Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG has no influence over the design and content of third party websites. It therefore distances itself from all third party content, even if a link to these external sides has been provided by Artech Ultrasonic Systems AG.


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